Design: Interactive Workshops at Large Conferences / Congresses: Working with Groups of All Sizes

Would you like help designing Interactive Workshops at Large Conferences or Congresses? What works with really large groups?

This module builds your skills to design processes for very large groups.  Bearing in mind both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ desired outcomes of processes, as well as other relevant parameters, you will consider the merits and applicability of diverse methodologies, and get creative proposing solutions to some challenging scenarios.  

We consider what is specific to designing for large conferences and congresses, and explore templates presenting a variety of design options.  These are then customized, in-session.  You will leave with re-usable templates, experience customizing these to create a draft agenda for an upcoming event (where relevant), and an action plan for finalizing and further strengthening the design afterwards.

This module is 2 learning units.