Design: Webinars and Using Online Tools in Virtual and Face-to-Face Meetings

Are you interested in gaining experience with online tools that hold great promise for facilitating collaboration and creating change? How can you make collaboration in virtual environments more outcome-oriented?  How can you bring more energy and active participation to exploring purposeful questions online?  How do you keep one eye on process tasks and another on group dynamics when all you can see is your computer? 

These are a few of the many questions we address in this module, helping you overcome challenges nurturing collaboration online by thinking through how you can combine some readily available online technologies with the best of your collaborative process design skills, and a little creativity!

Online tools are ever-more a part of our collaborative working practices.  All the time new tools are being released, others becoming ubiquitous, and some obsolete.  Together we'll look at some of the online tools readily available today that seem to hold the greatest promise for facilitating collaboration and creating change, and have fun whilst practicing using them! 

This module is 2 learning units.