The Academy trainers are Gillian Martin Mehers and Elisabeth (Lizzie) Crudgington - both of Bright Green Learning, Atadore Sàrl.  Gillian founded Bright Green Learning in 2009 and Lizzie joined in 2011, having previously worked together in the Learning and Leadership Unit of IUCN - the International Union for Conservation of Nature.  Together they have more than 35 years of experience working in the social and environmental sustainability field as project managers, facilitators (both are Certified Professional Facilitators with the International Association of Facilitators), trainers, process and learning designers, as well as coaches. 

      Since its inception in 2009, Bright Green Learning’s niche has been social and environmental resilience and sustainability. The focus of our clients has spanned a great breadth of topics, with greatest convergence around biodiversity, water, land management and development.  In the last couple of years we have seen notable growth in the fields of green economy, disaster risk-reduction, refugees, and other health and humanitarian-related work.

      We have served more than 120 teams in more than 50 organizations across NGO, United Nations / Inter-governmental organizations, Private Sector and Industry Associations, Research, Academia and Faith-based organizations, with many multi-stakeholder groups engaging participants from all sectors.  

      Working on over 200 projects, we have designed and run workshops, conferences and other meetings and learning processes in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, the Mediterranean and Europe.

      Our blog, with almost 500 posts, continues to capture and share our lessons, reflections and innovations from our learning work.  Read these at .

Bright Green Learning is based near Geneva in the French-speaking area of Switzerland with an office in the IUCN Conservation Centre in Gland.   

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Gillian Martin Mehers

Gillian is a learning and capacity development practitioner working within the global sustainability community for 25 years and has designed and run hundreds of workshops, courses and meetings from Armenia to Zambia. She is currently Founding Director at Bright Green Learning (Atadore Sàrl). Previously she was Head of Learning at IUCN and Director of Capacity Development at LEAD International (Leadership for Environment and Development). Gillian’s expertise is in creating dynamic experiential learning environments, facilitating productive multi-stakeholder dialogue processes, interactive learning design, and innovative curriculum and training materials development. Gillian won the IAF Gold Award for Facilitation Impact in 2015 and is co-author of the Climate Change Playbook (Chelsea Green, 2016).

hoto Credit: Bright Green Learning

Elisabeth (Lizzie) Crudgington

Lizzie is a creative designer of processes for learning and innovation. As Learning Designer and Group Facilitator for Bright Green Learning (Atadore Sàrl) since 2009, Lizzie creates generative thinking and learning environments for client groups.  Her niche is social and environmental resilience – often bringing together the private sector, government and NGOs. She was previously Learning and Leadership Officer with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and is a successful TEDx organizer under license from TED.


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