What is the Academy offering, in a nutshell?

The Academy offers programme and project managers, social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs the opportunity to create a customized learning programme helping them facilitate collaboration and create change.  It comprises a set of structured, face-to-face learning modules that can be combined on a needs-basis.  

Is the Academy for you?

The Academy better prepares mission-driven programme and project managers, social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs for creating change within their organizations and beyond. These change-makers are looking to develop their own skills to find and scale solutions to the environmental and social challenges of today and tomorrow.

The Academy is for those who believe that we must work and learn collaboratively in order to achieve goals and influence change, often through convening people from many diverse stakeholder groups (internally and externally).  These people seek to build great long-term relationships as a basis for delivering real outcomes.

It is for professionals who continually seek to learn, adapt and improve processes for greater success achieving their goals.  These people look to enhance their confidence and skills through increased practice with techniques and tools, as well as to strengthen their support network, through group training as well as individual learning and reflection, one-to-one coaching and advice, and peer-support from a growing cohort of change-makers. 

And it is for those who agree that we need more effective and more efficient collaborative working processes, meetings and other events that produce significant and demonstrable results.  All of us working in this field need to be able to enable stakeholders to co-create a better future, and to build collaborative momentum towards our environment and development goals. 


What is the Academy?

The Academy draws on Bright Green Learning’s experience both offering open-subscription facilitation training and running substantive, successful, bespoke in-house learning programmes for a number of leading organizations whose staff work internationally to convene diverse actors and foster multi-stakeholder collaboration for environment and social development.

At Bright Green Learning, we believe that there are certain characteristics and skills common to great sustainable development change-makers that should be nurtured and further strengthened.  These include actively practicing self-awareness; continually seeking to learn, adapt, test, practice and improve processes; valuing and facilitating collaborative approaches to achieving goals and influencing change; and focusing on identifying strategic interventions that can leverage the required change, and increase the productivity and results of these interventions.  We also know that change-makers come in all shapes and sizes.

The Academy offers a set of structured, face-to-face learning modules that can be combined by each participant to create a customized learning programme based on their interests, needs and work schedule. 

You can opt to take a few select modules or the whole Academy Certification Programme.  

You choose which modules you wish to take and when


What’s Our Learning Approach?

The environmental and social challenges we face present us with important work to do, and real urgency.  This demands greater efficiency, effectiveness and impact from the growing community of change-makers concerned with more sustainable development.  In designing each module for The Academy, we hold ourselves to these same demands of efficiency, effectiveness and impact.

Rather than theoretical, all modules are highly interactive, experiential and immersive - designed to optimize professional learning using a wealth of learning techniques - scenarios, individual and group activities, problem solving activities, games and more. These will be continually applied to participants’ own contexts. The inputs are evidence-based, drawing on adult learning principles and more than 35 years of our collective experience working in environment and development change-making, result-oriented process design and capacity development.


When and Where?

The Academy is on offer in Geneva, Switzerland - the heart of the international community working on environmental and social issues.  Centrally located in Europe, Geneva is easily accessible by land and air travel.  For dates, please see our Programme page.


Tracking Your Progress and the Academy Certificate Programme

You will track your own progress and learning with a personalized Learning Log. For those who are interested in the complete Academy experience, an Academy Certificate Programme is offered, providing access to all modules. The Academy Certificate is conferred upon completion of 12 modules.


Customizing your Programme

We all have different learning needs and interests, if you would like some help customizing your Academy Learning Programme, please email Academy@brightgreenlearning.com to arrange a call and we will be happy to help!

For more detailed information on each of the modules, please email us Academy@brightgreenlearning.com and we will be happy to send you more information!